Meet the Fur-Parent Team

Providing Only The Best for Your Furry Family Members

I understand that although our fur babies are worthy of it all, sometimes a busy schedule can get in the way. I take a burden off of you by sourcing affordable products your pets will enjoy! As a fur parent of three myself, I am inspired by products my own fur babies absolutely love and cannot live without. Pets are the new era kids, which is why we strive to bring the best top quality pet essentials straight to your front door!

What can we say! This little sassy gal likes to be all around the office! When she’s not busy making cute funny reels she joins her big brother Skylar in testing toys and supplies to ensure every cat out there is nothing but satisfied with their fur parents purchases!

Behind the scenes, this shy boy is a ball full of personality. He’s camera shy but definitely not toy shy. Wrigley loves to shred plush toys and he very much so enjoys putting ours through the test. He loves sharing his top picks so that all fur babies can enjoy them too!

If it’s not food this widdle chonkers has no care for it! So when a toy gets him up and playing we know it’s definitely something worth sharing with you all. It’s what we like to call “Skylar certified”